It’s Dangerous to Use Plastic to Cover a Broken Car Window

No one looks forward to replacing a broken car window. It is usually an unexpected expense, and it takes time to get the job done right. Due to the cost and the time it takes to replace a car window, some drivers might look to save time and money by covering the broken window with plastic.

While this might seem like a quick and affordable solution to the problem, you should think twice before covering one of your car windows with plastic. The windows are there for a reason, and covering them with plastic is dangerous.


The driver’s ability to see is the primary concern when it comes to covering a broken window with plastic. Even with “clear” plastic, you will not be able to see as well through the window. This could reduce the driver’s ability to see from that window and this will increase the risk of an accident.

Flying Objects

Car windows also protect the vehicle’s occupants from flying objects. When you are driving at high speeds or on a highway with other vehicles that are traveling fast, it is very easy for small objects to get kicked up or thrown into the air. With no window there, one of these objects could enter the vehicle and injure one of your passengers. Furthermore, objects often get thrown during car accidents. This is another instance where a window could protect a person from an object.

Guard Against Theft

Some people might view your car as a target for theft and vandalism if they see a window that is only covered by plastic. In many cases, this is a person that would not have otherwise tried to break into your car – they just saw an easy target and decided to take advantage. With just plastic covering the window, it won’t take any special skills or a lot of time for a person to get into your car.

Prevent Leaks

It is true that plastic could keep out some water, but it won’t protect your car as well as a window. Plastic and tape are not going to make an effective seal if heavy rain starts to fall, and it won’t be long before a significant amount of water starts to leak into your car. Along with that, the adhesives on the tape can damage the seals around your window, and this will make the window repair more expensive when you finally decide to get it done.


The winters can get pretty cold, and a thin layer of plastic is not going to keep the heat in your vehicle. If you are driving around in the winter with plastic over your window, it won’t matter how high you turn the heater up, you and your passengers are going to feel cold while you are driving.

Fixing a broken car window might be a bit of an inconvenience, but you do not want to try to go cheap by covering your windows with plastic. It could cause more damage to the area of the window, and you are putting yourself, your passengers and other motorists at risk when you try to drive with plastic covering one of your windows.