How To Reduce Road Noise With Auto Glass Repair

Things can get a little noisy when you are out on the road. Depending on where you are, there could be any variety of different noises from things like construction and other vehicles, and there are also the noises that come from your own car. In the cabin, it could be things like passenger chatter or the radio.

Beyond the normal noises you may hear when driving, maybe you have noticed a whistling or the sound of rushing air coming from your windshield or a window. If you have been hearing this type of noise, you probably think it is irritating and you want to get it fixed. In this post, we are going to look at some of the ways auto glass repair can be used to fix this type of road noise.

Improper Installation

One of the reasons for this noise could be an improper windshield installation. In most cases, this is the result of trying to save money by getting your windshield installed by a non-professional or by doing it yourself. Setting a windshield might seem like a simple enough task, but it really does require the skills of an experienced professional. A windshield is technically a safety component, so an improperly installed windshield could be hazard.

To fix this problem, you will need to take your car to an auto glass professional to have the windshield correctly seated. Once the windshield is securely set in place, you won’t have to worry about it coming loose in the event of an accident and it should remedy the issue with the excessive noise coming from the seams.

Windows that Don’t Close Properly

It is not uncommon for windows to come off their track a little. When this occurs, the window might not close all the way, and this can result in a window that gets noisy when you drive. Another issue could be the stripping that seals the window when you close it. After a while, the rubber stripping can start to crack. When this occurs, it no longer has an effective seal and this will let air in as you drive. If left to go long enough, it can even result in a leak that will allow water in the car when it rains.

If the window is off the track, getting it properly realigned with the track should fix the problem. If it is the weather stripping that has gone bad, it will need to be replaced.

Damage the Causes Road Noise

Damage can also cause this kind of noise. If there is a crack in your windshield, there is the potential that air could penetrate the crack when you are driving at high speeds. If you notice damage to the seals around a windshield or window, this could also allow air to get through when you are driving. If you notice this kind of damage, you should have it fixed as soon as you can. These little problems can get worse over time, and that could result in a more expensive repair if you wait.